Crown of Conquest - Latest release adds new features

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Latest release adds new features

Published by Crown of Conquest on 2011-02-20 00:23:28
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The latest Kingdoms release might be the biggest ever. There are several major features, new artwork, a UI overhaul, and a long list of bug fixes. Among the changes, 'rare' monsters have been added to dungeons. These creatures are found deep inside dungeons, are more powerful than the usual foe you'll find, and can cast spells against your party. Of course, if you can defeat them, they'll drop some awesome treasure. Another addition is the ability of players to construct buildings. This requires your party to gather the right resources, and then spend the time to build it. Once created, any characters your leave in a garrison in the sector will gain benefits to attack or defence. Of course, you need to protect your buildings, or other players can capture or raze them. Finally, dungeon tile sets have been re-done, and now have a lot more variety. Also, the 'action' menus for characters have been overhauled, and are now more graphical. If you haven't checked out Kingdoms yet, head on over and sign up for free.