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Stage: Released
Category: Car Games
Game type: Based on Browser
Registered Members: 10000+
Timing: n/a
Round length: n/a
Graphic: 2d
Prizes: n/a
Pricing scheme: n/a
Last update: 2015-08-21 10:26:37

Web-based, drag racing, Show 'n Shine meetings, circuit racing, car dealerships, tuning, styling. Those are just some random keywords of GTRacer.

GTRacer is an online text-based browser game. (PBBG)

You can drag race against other users, compete in circuit races, join car meetings, and much, MUCH more, all inside your browser.

The game has several advanced features, such as the tuning system, user leveling, reward system, user-driven car dealerships, part shops, tune shops, paint shops, dynamically generated car previews, unique and epic cars, parts, and staff members. See below for the full feature list. Bear in mind that not even everything is mentioned here!

A real-time interactive racing experience
Drag race against users, or against the computer
Advanced circuit racing system: Race against 30 other racers, real-time!
7 tracks, 30+ circuit race types
Dynamic weather system
Leveling system including level awards
Advanced forum software (XenForo)
Automatic Twitter announcements (Race results, etc)
A mobile version of the game, works perfectly on iPhone's and Nokia's
Hire drivers, mechanics and showgirls
50+ achievements
20 missions
3362 cars
4606 tuning parts, such as turbo's, fuel systems, tires, etc
34461 body parts, such as front bumpers, side skirts, rims, spoilers
Race with street legal cars
Race with Formula 1 cars
Race with Go-Karts (youth drivers only)
Dynamically generated car pictures
A car request system: Get your favourite cars added to the game!
A fluctuating economy system
Lobby: Chat with other players
Club system
Club racing series
Club chat
Club bank account
8 car dealerships
Pit stops
Car meetings
Car wash system
Fuel station
Market place
Auction house
Start your own car dealership
Different dragrace prices to choose from
Different driving styles to choose from
Events during a dragrace: Wheelspin, blown engine, etc.
Visible and hidden values: Drag, Stylepoints, HP, Nm, weight
Reactiontime script for drag racing
AJAX powered
Car lot
Dyno run
Sell cars
Repair cars
Restaurate cars
Modify cars
Strip cars from uneccessary parts
Tune cars with aftermarket body parts
Swap engines from other cars
Unique and epic cars
Unique parts
Unique body parts
Use revision kits



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